Arson Dog

labrador for detection
Accelerant Detection Canine

An Arson or Accelerant Detection Canine enables the investigator to identify the source of an arson fire in a very short amount of time. All our dogs are guarantee to success the CADA Certification (Canine Accelerant Detection Association.)

With multiple internationally renowned trainers, Marvel working dog prides itself on the ability to deliver the most well trained dogs available in any field. Regardless of what kind of skill set you might require, we have the ability to train and deliver a working K9 that is second to none. With more than 15 years of experience, you can count on the first-hand knowledge of our highly trained team of experts to provide a working dog that exceeds your highest expectations.

Our imprinting method is unique. Our dogs are accurate and certified with an independent association. All samples collected are tested with a laboratory, our dogs reach over 80% accuracies with properly collected samples.

Accelerant detection canine training.